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Player Evaluation

Streamlining the Scouting Process

We offer solutions in player evaluation, recruitment, development, and hockey operations solutions through an interdisciplinary and integrative process and best business practices.

Your Competitive Advantage

Our industry leading process helps you identify and recruit top talent and optimize the potential of your current roster.


Technical Scouting Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment of player skills and abilities to inform recruitment and development decisions.

Video Analysis

In-depth review of game footage and player performance to uncover insights and opportunities for improvement.


Advanced data analysis and modeling to drive evidence-based decision making in hockey operations.

Player Development Strategy

Tailored plans to enhance player performance and optimize potential through training, coaching, and other development initiatives.

Psychological Player Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of a player's psychological profile to support performance optimization and well-being.

We are committed to helping your business achieve success through innovative and effective solutions.

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