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Our 5-Step Process
for Player Analysis


Collect Video

We start with available video against quality competition, taking in 7-8 games of a player to gain a full understanding of their profile.


Extract data and highlight relevant video clips

Next, we collect data as it happens and link it to specific video examples. Our algorithm derives player metrics from the raw data in real-time.


Produce a detailed written report on the player

We then take our collected data and generate a qualitative report on our findings. This includes a player’s best strengths, areas of improvement, and more.


Summarize findings in a 5-category rating system

Using the raw data and our player analysis report, we then rate the player’s skills in 5 distinct categories: Think, Move, Get, Pass, and Shoot.


Share Our Findings

Create condensed, nuanced, and targeted reports catered to your specific needs.

Get access to next level player analysis